Rates Reservations

Inclement weather, airport security, scheduling delays, traffic, parking? We understand as an airline passenger, you have an itinerary to keep & enough to worry about. Reserve your taxi the night before your flight. Book online, “Track your trip”. Save the parking hassles & fees too, or call us at 515-289-9800.

Estimate Your Fare For those times when you are just curious or if you have a decision to make on which taxi company to use, use our fare estimator to tell you what the approximate fare would be to go between any two addresses. Keep in mind that up to four taxi sedan passengers and up to six taxi van passengers ride for the price of one (except for a small $1.00 surcharge for each extra passenger over one) making us a very cost-effective alternative to airport shuttles.

Approved Taxicab Rates
$2.50 Passenger Pick-up
$2.00 Each additional 1 mile.
$0.50 Per Extra Person (over age of 12)
$2.00 Night Surcharge (10pm – 4am)
$2.00 DSM Airport Surcharge
$0.40 Wait Time (per minute) ($24.00 per hour)

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